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I have been too busy lately in my work that I was not able to give any time to my kids and wife. This was something I regret doing but the project I was engaged with was very important and needed my undivided attention. Yesterday only I got the news that my CEO appreciated my efforts for the project which turned quite fruitful for the company and he announced an incentive for me but I had something different in my mind.

I asked him not to give me incentive but arrange a trip to Glasgow with family from Melbourne. To my request, he kept quiet for some time and then accepted it. He asked me to book tickets through Qatar Airways promo codes and send the bill to him which was quite relaxing and jovial for me.

Other than tickets I still got the incentive and a month off as well. This was an achievement for me and reward for my family’s patience.

Before leaving for home I called my wife to be ready with kids as we will be going out for dinner. She tried to tell me that she already cooked but I didn’t listen to whatever she said to cancel my plan. When I reached the door of our home, I just honked and my kids came running towards the car. They looked so happy as almost after a month or we were going for the outing.

We went to this fancy restaurant in the city and had a lavish dinner and then went for walk in the park near our place. While walking with my wife I told her how well my project went and earned a profit which no one expected. She was happy to listen to that. I after sometime further on told her to get ready to pay a visit to his parents in two days to Australia. I saw her awestruck face as she was not able to understand what I was talking about. I told her it was all true by narrating the whole scenario which place in the office.


She was so happy to hear about this as it has been three years she visited her family and both my kids didn’t get to see their grandparents too. I was happy as she was overwhelmed with my thinking of taking her to her parent’s place.

Tickets arrived the next day at our door step which clearly showed that office didn’t have to bear a lot of expense on our tickets by making a reservation through Qatar Airways. Shopping was not an issue as there was not much to take still we got gifts for the family and few stuff for our kids the very next day.

We were really at ease in the flight reserved through Qatar Airways as all the comfort was put at our end. The long hour flight turned into a comforting one with all our needs taken care of.

Travelling with three and half year old would have been a problem but we didn’t feel any unease and had a good time. I was truly happy to have taken a good decision and be the source of happiness for the well-deserved vacation which was needed not only by me but by all of us.

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